Lots of people have been working hard to help this conference come together. Please add names if anyone has been left off.

First of all it is a huge privilege to have so many participants attending the event in response to Leigh Blackall's invitiation. Fantastic stuff everyone. The conversations online in the planning phase and the work on the website - just great. Leigh has facilitated this very skillfully. Go Leigh without your ethusiasm this wouldn't have happened.

Without sponsorship from all the participating organisations and the people there facilitating the events around New Zealand, Stanley Frielick, Mark Northover, Derek Chirnside, John Eyles, Nicoletta Rata, Derek Wenmouth, Carline Darby, Brandi Fischer, Oriel Kelly, Cathy Gunn this show would not have got on the road. Thank You all!

Many thanks to Michael Crawford, University of Otago for his wonderful work creating the conference brochure - the map and the bee from the brochure also feature on the FLNW Homepage.

Robin Day, Otago Polytechnic, deputy CEO and Phil Ker, Otago Polytechnic, CEO who both had faith in the conference and have supported it all the way. Roger Green, CEO, Dunedin College of Education, Kerry Shephard, HEDC, University of Otago, Neil James, Computer Services, University of Otago who also had faith and opened the purse strings.

Paula Booth, Otago Polytechnic has given many hours to juggling transport and accommodation for our offshore participants - always with a smile. Thank you!

Russell Butson
, University of Otago and Dawn Coburn, Dunedin College of Education - part of the project team - great to collaborate with and hard workers.

Dr Khyla Russell
, Otago Polytechnic who arranged sponsorship for our visit to the Otakou Marae, and Justine Camp, Otago Polytechnic who helped with Maori protocols and the Waiata (song).
Willi Campbell,
Otago Polytechnic who sings so beautifully and helped us learn the Waiata and prepare our mihimihi.

Rebecca McDowell, Otago Museum who has helped us organise the Hutton Theatre venue, wireless access and catering.
Jenny McDonald, University of Otago who saw the light and helped with the initial planning.

Otago Polytechnic staff who helped us plan for and get the equipment and connectivity we needed - Mike Collins, Reuben Bryant, Colin Armstrong, Ange Mielke (ISS), Blair Walkinshaw and Imre Speizer (Property & Services).

AV staff from the College of Education who will be recording the Dunedin event and helping get it live.
Fraser Foster and his staff at the University of Otago, Computer Services Access Grid who are making the synchronous video conferencing event happen.