FLNW 4 - Brazil

The Braztesol national convention will be in Sao Paulo from July 19-22 2010 so it would be nice to organize the trip around this time (either before or after). As EduTech SIG coordinator I was hoping some of you may want to participate in the pre-conference event on 19th - lend a hand and some reflection on the state of technology and application in ELT. We could organize an unconference and a couple of workshops (premises permitting). Our tag #FLNW4

July corresponds to the winter academic holidays here in Brazil so not sure we will be able to visit educational institutions unless we plan and organize meetings/ an event well ahead. My idea is to allow the group to make contact with and view a cross-section of local educational/cultural networks and projects and how/what kind of technology/approaches are being used to make them happen.

Calendar for July 2010

Best dates: arrive on17th/18th (to give you time to recover from the jet lag) , finish trip on 28th. Some may want to stay over on 30th and 31st to do some more visiting over the weekend.



This is our brainstorm about the Brazilian edition of the FLNW. If anyone knows Portuguese, please, feel free to edit and make suggestions: