Pushing the boundaries of learning in supporting communities.
There is an emerging conception that learning is the practice by which we all make sense of and therefore express ourselves in everyday life. If we are interested in learning – we are interested in a practice that is without borders, a practice that pervades every aspect of life, from lecture theatres to street corner conversations.

For instance in business the rich shared experiences from interactions between producers and consumers has been overpowered by the misinformation associated with misleading marketing. The result is a growing alienation between producers and consumers which has been created by middle industries. This is unfortunate for there is a lot that both consumers and producers can learn from each other. There is an opportunity to encourage and support producers and consumers to adopt networking technologies in order to bring about a new paradigm where we can experience the genuine benefits inherent in the producer / consumer relationship.

David & Emily - SilkBody


We are an innovative family business producing our unique Silkbody clothing range in NZ, Australia and the UK. Our challenge is to educate and inspire our customers around the world and, importantly, the staff in the stores that carry our range. We need to provide these people with easily accessible information about our product and a forum for feedback to ourselves. The method of communication needs to be attractive and rewarding for the user in order to encourage participation. Would any of you be interested in meeting with us to talk about ways we could achieve this? We are open to all ideas!

Steven Sharp - Real Training International Ltd


Real Training International delivers training seminars, coaching and systems to the Real Estate industry in the UK, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, and NZ. This had predominantly been done by standing in seminar rooms delivering content and through the sales of video cassettes, audio tapes and CD,s. This grew into a set of 40 DVD's that are designed to deliver weekly training sessions in house over a year.

In the last few years Real Training International has made significant investment into IT and the web to help deliver these training sessions to new and existing sales people. Initially this was by html text pages, then audio support and most recently a major training programme that is self monitoring. It allows text input with 100s of explanatory video and audio clips leading participants through a 28 day start up programme with approximately four sessions to each day. With the large volume of content to be absorbed over the 28 days it is important to keep the participants attention.

We would be interested in other ways for the participants in our programme to interact with the sessions. To have more exciting and accessible ways to deliver additional content (ie podcasting) that would support the core sessions. If we continue to provide leading and innovative ways to deliver our content, allow participants to feel involved in the learning process then the more successful it will be. Any suggestions?