The Future of Learning In A Networked World is a contentious one. FLNW08 endeavors to build connections, explore new possibilities, expand individuals horizons and network knowledge in travelling open space un-conferences where anything can happen and does without regularity. TALO supports open networked communication and this ensures the conversation remains collaborative. Visit our blog to find out updates from the field, add your name as a participant, and spend some time with us in a range of online and real world spaces and places

FLNW08 will kick off from Bangkok on the 16th January 2008. An itinerary of events outlines all that is happening through out January 2008. A blog is also being used to document progress and an email forum cops the incessant chatter of the participants.

If you're looking for some history to this beast, see the pages, links and the book with DVD that was generated from FLNW 2006 (FLNW1). FLNW06 brought together TALO'ians from around the globe to tour New Zealand as one raving mad mob attempting to set up un-conferences everywhere they went...

Before FLNW there was and still is the TALO Swap Meets. There's some thinking that the FLNW should return to its routes, and go back to being the TALO Swap Meet..


Many thanks to the following people who have contributed cold hard cash to this FLNW adventure:

Derek Chirnside

Stephen Downes

Anne Paterson

George Siemens

Nancy White

Beth Kanter

Appreciation to the following bodies for their support:


New Media Consortium

True to form Alan Levine ( CogDog ) has come on board the FLNW08 train with an offer to host the 'Networked Learning' conversation kicked off with Teemu and co.

The NMC 2008 Horizon report will contain all elements that TALO seeks to embed within it's exploration of what it means to live in a Networked World.


University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Derek Chirnside has kindly organised funding to arrive by the FLNW Chipin and we have UCTL on board as prime sponsors for this event .

It's a great thing to see so many connections and conversations emerging as we move into mid. December.

Linux Australia

Janet Hawtin has kindly worked with the Linux group to avail a face-to-face presentation opportunity for all FLNW2 presenters at the Australian Linux Mini-conference in Melbourne Australia. A number of FLNW08 participants will be attending this conference which provides a range of connections to worldwide Linux communities.


EON Foundation

Working through EON, John Eyles has availed all face-to-face FLNW08 participants the opportunity to attend a number of traveling workshops, co-learn with Thai educators, visit educational settings, take part in projects and visit places of interest in Bangkok and the North East that touches the banks of the Mekong. This provides FLNW2 members with an immediate connection to Thai culture and connections in the Asia region.



Barbara Dieu has co-joined Dekita and EVO to join the FLNW08 initiatives with plenty of overlap. Dekita has provided FLNW2 with some great TESOL links and connections worldwide and promises to inject some great all round discussions complementing the array of FLNW2 topics.


The Island of jokaydia in Second Life

Jo Kay and other community members from the Island of jokaydia will support a number of events and connections as part of FLNW events.

To visit jokaydia go to: http://slurl.com/secondlife/jokaydia/113/150/23
(Note you will need to register for Second Life to attend. Click here for more info.)


Suranaree University, Bangkok

John Eyles has confirmed that a number of workshops and meetings will be hosted by Suranaree University in bangkok for those participants visiting Thailand.

The Living Classroom Network

The Living Classroom

The Living Classroom is providing a Moodle for use by Thai teachers and others during the conference. The topic of the Moodle is "Teaching English in a Mobile and Networked World" and continues the discussions begun In September 2006 when educators from 30 countries linked with FLNW participants on Waiheke Island.

Telecom New Zealand

Telecom New Zealand

The Research and Venturing Unit at Telecom New Zealand are paying for John Eyles to join FLNW08 in Thailand. They are to be commended for supporting a visit they do not fully understand. They would like insights into social networking and mobile learning. In particular they would like to better understand the revenue opportunities for Telcos, what the impacts of social networking and web 3.0 will have on future telco architectures and services, and how they can be a better corporate citizen.


International School Bangkok

Kim Cofino has invited FLNW08 participants to visit her school in Bangkok during January, 2008.


Ocean Browser

A while back Ocean Browser offered connections via audio technology for FLNW08 participants.