1. Talking VTE Podcast: The Future of Learning in a Networked World: Skype Interviewsave this
Interview with Alex Hayes, Leigh Blackall, Jo kay, Konrad Glogowski, & Sean Fitzgerald @ FLNW by Stephan Ridgway, 27 September 2006 Download the MP3 file (29:10 Min 11.6 Meg) image by mobology Synopsis: Stephan Ridgway (Sydney) interviews Alex Hayes, Leig

  1. Bee's Buzz : Mobile Managementsave this
Barbara speaks with two french learning Wellington girls about the concept of sharing information with other learners.

  1. interactive podcasts - blip.tv (beta)save this
what an interesting project

Odeo: Jane Nichols on Pine Hill Schoolsave this
Jane Nichols talks about students in Grade 4 and 5 from Pine Hill School, Dunedin (New Zealand) who have started podcasting.