This page is to coordinate transportation and gear.

Who is bringing a vehicle? How many people can you take?

  • Nancy, old green mini-van, can take three people comfortably, 5 if we squish / don't have much baggage.
  • Sylvia, ford escape (red), can take 3 people comfortably, 4 if we squish / don't have much baggage. If need more room to put our stuff can look into getting a cargo unit for the roof.
  • I won't have a vehicle - Derek

How/where will we meet up on EARLY Saturday Morning?

  • We are meeting at Hotel Le Soleil -- 5:30 a.m. (!)
  • We'll leave one car at the Horseshoe bay terminal parked, and take one to Bowen.

When we get to Seattle, what do you need to organize in terms of your own transportation?

  • Hmm. I'm not too worried about this. I'll probably be OK - Derek
  • You can bus from Nancy's house downtown and pick up thelight rail link to the airport. Alas, it isn't too fast - especially on weekends and evenings when buses don't run as often. The light rail doesn't quite get to the airport, so there is another (free) transfer the last 1.3 miles to the airport. Allow 2 hours to get to airport, but it can be as fast as 1.5 hours. Bus is $1.75 and light rail is $2.50.
  • Nancy will be going to the SeaTac airport Sunday for an 8am flight and we can coordinate getting there. With multiple people, shuttle service is affordable. (Otherwise $38 for one person).
  • I think Larry (Nancy's husband) will be going back to the airport Sunday to pick up our sun in the evening and may be able to transport folks. Not sure yet. )

Gear - What do we need?

  • Sylvia bringing
    • 3 extra sleeping bags + pillows (put your name here if you need one!) (Michael would love not to have to bring sleeping bag from Aust!)
    • 2-person tent (necessary?)
    • towels
    • first aid kit
    • flashlight
    • pocket knife
    • matches
    • sun screen (lots for everyone)
    • bug spray (lots for everyone)
  • Boy Scout list of things to bring when hiking
  • Nancy bringing
    • I can bring 2 extra sleeping bags, pillows, etc.
    • Flashlight
    • we have 3 sleeping pads if we need them
    • 2 Coolers
    • Some containers for water, beverages, etc.
    • Some plastic plates we can use, abuse and wash

A [[

en|note from Nancy]] (edited a bit)= 1. We have a saying about the weather here. Don't like it? Wait 5 minutes. All mountain hikers should carry the 10 essentials. (see this Boy Scout blog My recommendation is to pack light and with layers. Light sleeping bag is sufficient as we'll be under cover most nights. Fleece is your friend for an outer layer, along with something thin and waterproof. Space in vehicles may be tight, so pack light. We can stop at a laundry mat one day if need be, or wash things out in sinks, etc.3. Unless you will be doing serious hiking, you won't need heavy hikers. Most of the trails where we are going are easy walking. Harder options ARE there, however!4. Bugs? In damp areas, mosquitos, but not fierce like some places. Sunscreen is good. We can buy a big bottle here and share it so you don't have to pack it.