This list is open to anyone who'd like to participate in FLNW4 either f2f or online. We are thinking of a core group (CG) which will do the whole trip together and people who'd join in at different moments as in NZ (T=Temporary). We are also planning to invite people from other networks to join, if that is OK with you.

Please indicate where you are coming from, if you need or have a source of sponsorship already, whether you'd like to be part of the core group (CG) , would join in the course of the event (T- temporary - give dates) or participate online (O) so we know how to organize events/transport/ lodging/catering.

Barbara Dieu (BR - CG)
Bianca Santana (BR - CG)
Thiago Carrapatoso (BR - CG )
Luciana Scuarcialupi (BR - CG)
Lilian Starobinas ?

Michael Coghlan (AU) - with deleted question mark! Sponsored by Australian Education International (AEI),
Vance Stevens (USA/UAE) - my reflections on the event:
Stephen Downes (CA)
Teemu Leinonen (FI) - F2F, sponsorship (flights, hotel) needed
John Eyles (NZ)? - Would like to be part of the f2f group, checking dates and resources now
Peter Rawsthorne (CA)? Also checking dates for f2f participation.
Alexander Hayes (AU - CG) - F2F - sponsorship needed ( flights only ) - blogging for other expenses via a ChipIn widget
Geoff Lubich (AU - CG) - F2F - sponsorship needed ( flight only )
Diego Leal (CO - CG) - I still don't know if I'll be in RJ at the time, or if I'll be traveling from BOG. I'd like to know more about budget to see if I can cover my expenses.. :)

Robyn Jay (AU)?
Stephan Ridway (AU)?
Rose Grozdanic (AU)?
Derek Chirnside (NZ)?
Leigh Blackall (AU)?
George Siemens (CA) ?
Leonard Low (AU)?
Alan Levine (USA)?
Hans Poldoja (Estonia)?
Riina Vuorikari(Finland/Brussels)?
Bron Stuckey (AU)