1. Derek Chirnside - As of 2.43pm today, 5th May, planning to come, just checking on some funding. OpenEd conference then FLNW '09.
  2. Michael Coghlan - I'll be attending the Open Ed Conference in Vancouver (Aug 12, 13, 14) and then to hope to cruise with fellow FLNW travellers from Aug 15 - 22. I fly out of SF to go home on Aug 23rd.
  3. Nancy White - I'll be on the FLNW Cascadia as one of your local yokals. Self funded.
  4. Sylvia Currie - I'll be attending the Open Ed Conference in Vancouver then heading off on the FLNW adventure. Self funded for the FLNW part.
  5. Leigh Blackall - As always, I'll be there, and with Sunshine. I think that makes us ye old originals on this trip. * violin playing *
  6. Sunshine Connelly - Bringing design skills along - interested in seeing what all this is about
  7. Alexander Hayes - There in spirit.
  8. John Eyles - Would love to be there and had hoped the funding would materialise along with time off work. Not yet! So will likely be there in spirit with Alex
  9. Barbara Dieu I would love to be at the OpenEd conference and participate in FLNW'09 but this would entail quitting school , where I have no support for this nor organizational funding. I will be following your adventure and hope to be able to host the next FLNW in Brazil next year.
Meeting up with the group along the way:
  1. Richard Smith (Bowen)
  2. Chris Corrigan (Bowen)
  3. Marsha West (Forks)