Arrival by ferry from Waiheke Island first thing in the morning

All visitors will be staying Monday night at the Scenic Circle Airedale Hotel, 380 Queen St. This is just up Queen St from the ferry terminal (amybe 10-15 minute walk, but we'll probably get a taxi bus), and just down the hill from AUT.

Proposed events
Open meeting, discussions and report-back at AUT University, Wellesley St, Auckland City (AUT campus). The proposal is to spend 2-5pm in small group discussions exploring aspects that are decided by the participants; 5-6pm a little social networking over a glass or two of NZ's own (white, red or brown); 6-7pm summaries and discussion from each group.

We have posted a couple of edited video clips, giving the thoughts and conversation of a couple of the participants.


Stephen Downes, Konrad Glogowski, Barbara Dieu, Leigh Blackall, Sean FitzGerald, Jo Kay, Rose Grozdinac all on Flight NZ421 leaving Auckland at 10:30 on Tuesday Sept 26, arriving in Wellington at 11:30.

Teemu Leinonen
Sept 25th 15:15 flight to Bangkok