starting to bring book content in

Here is a scratch pad for those who'd like to help us bring together some of what we have captured and created into a print format. I'm thinking more like an album rather than a book.
Suggest that we drop links, stories, key words, ideas here and watch it take form...

Emergent themes

Attempting to identify emergent themes is a difficult task. Firstly, remembering to take notes during meetings, secondly getting all involved to refine the lists, and then getting further discussion around them.

As well as manually adding key words here in this wiki, I have set up a account for the conference. The idea is to collectively use this account as we go back through all the captured media. What ever media stands out, saving it back to this account and tagging it with key words will eventually build a tag cloud that shows emergent themes.

Here is the tag cloud emerging
  • Corporate communications
  • new roles for teaching and learning
  • teacher culture change
  • cultural and ethical considerations in online communications
  • Intellectual property, copyright, digital rights, privacy, online identity
  • Organisational change
  • Learner centred, learner generated
  • Community development digital divides access and equity - Andrew distance learning
  • Virtual worlds 'Second life'
  • Local X Global
  • High and Low Context Cultures

Some Of The Discussion Points [ Breakfast - Waiheike Island ]

Some the key issues emerging and not limited to;

Focus / Key Terms

building online communities
professional development
teacher culture,
engaging learners / people
use of social tools ?
why private space ?
why public space ?
cultural sensitivities (or insensivity?)
virtual worlds
user generated content
networked user generated content
educator activism
multiple types of learning
human ubiquitous computing
pervasive technologies
cultural dissonance
compliance vs. responsibility
open courseware
rights and responsibilities
networked knowledge
online and offline – what’s the difference ?
closed vs. open.
individuals, groups and networks
peer pressure, social pressure
short, mid,long term
awareness of the other
group dynamics
seating arrangements

Supporting Keywords

capturing the nature of learning
imposing web 2.0
choice, privacy
car sick
control my experience of school
informal / formal
hack, installs, downloads
informal learning RPL system
skill development / idealism
systems analysis
dissolving the hardcore boundaries
time constraints

Day’s Comments

“ Good teachers will allow for informal learning to filter through” – Conrad Glogowski

“ We should be enabling teachers to undo their perception of the learner” – Leigh Blackall

“ There is a need to challenge the change in nomenclature where learners are known as users “ – Alex Hayes

“ Art is how we define it for ourselves. I consider and call myself a philosopher…….that’s because I identify as one. – Stephen Downes

“ Personal Learning Environments….that’s an interesting concept….. the student can achieve their learning outcomes not only with an organisation but within their own life “ – Stephen Parker

” It’s RSS …… Publishing and pulling in what inspires you - innovation, visonaries and the rest will rise to the top. ” - Stephen Parker

September 21, Christchurch

September 22 - 23, Northland

September 24 - 25, Waiheke Island

Speed, Culture and Networked Learning

September 25 - 26 = Auckland

September 27 - 29 = Wellington