All arrive on Flight NZ5098
Dunedin to Christchurch
Depart: Dunedin (Terminal: Domestic) at 6:10 pm Seats: 10 Economy Class
Arrive: Christchurch at 7:05 pm Aircraft: ATR Turboprop
Total Flight Time: 55 minutes


Staying Thusday 21st Sept. at the Sudima Hotel at the airport.
Corner Memorial Avenue & Orchard Road
New Zealand
F: +64 3 358 3139
T: +64 3 358 3029

Proposal for the day (Now no longer a proposal) 15/9/06

Open event in the morning - 9 - 12.30pm
TANZ meeting in the afternoon - 2 - 5pm

Please RSVP to **** if you are coming.

Venue: Wheki Block, at the College of Education.
W150 (Big, lots of round tables, mobile furniture)
W102 (Small - 30)
W304 (Huge - 150 people)
W301 (Small 30)
a map.
Busy checking links with librarians and others. Interested people contact

We aim to of maximise the opportunity to interact with these 'guest participants' in 'themed' workshops, starting thoughts/suggestions:
  • philosophy of Web 2.0
  • educational blogging
  • information management
  • librarianship
  • connectivity/interoperability
  • personal learning environments
  • organised/formal learning in the Web 2.0 environment

(not meaning all of these, but ideas around which we could create a suitable number of workshops depending on the experts available and the number of people attending)

9.00 - meet/greet, cup of coffee/tea, thought-prompts to initiate discussion etc
9.30 - formal intros, with 10 minute overview of how each of the 'guests' fits within the Web 2.0 jigsaw
10.30 - split off into separate workshops - small groups based on themes above
11.45 - plenary session - panel of guests responding to 'big picture' questions that bring the pieces of the jigsaw together and set the scene for where to next

Recording/capturing - my suggestion is that we share the load among those of us who are willing to act as recorders in each of the sessions.

My idea is that we use something like "Inspiration" to record a 'brainstorm/web' of ideas that flow from the workshops, and then connect these together at the end and make available to everyone as a record of what was discussed/presented - complete with as many links to examples and applications etc that we can gather in the sessions

Notes from the final session could also be recorded in this way - and the whole thing then provides a basis for use at a personal, institutional or even shared - online community level - perhaps with continued involvement somehow from the visiting 'experts' (I'd assume Leigh has plans to continue the FLNW forums etc.


Sean FitzGerald, Rose Grozdinac, Jo Kay - Thu 21 Sep 15:05 on Flight NZ520 Christchurch to Auckland arriving 16:25.
Then 17:15 Flight NZ2806 Auckland to Whangarei arriving 17:50.

Stephen Downes, Teemu Leinoonen, Barbara Dieu, Leigh Blackall, Konrad Glogowski, Steven Parker - Thu 21 Sep 17:30pm on Flight NZ524 Christchurch to Auckland arriving 18:50.
Then 19:20 Flight NZ2814 Auckland to Whangarei arriving 19:55.