FLNW Community Walk


We've started a map on Community Walk so we can capture the FLNW activities as the tour progresses.

CommunityWalk Map - Flexible Learning in a Networked World

You can also view the map here, and via the FLNW blog.

The tour begins in Dunedin, September 18th. The green dot on the map above marks the starting point which when clicked looks like this. Try it out.


Why a map?

A community walk map can give a sense of place and timing to the tour as the group travels. It can give context to the discussions and draw the talking together with the location, which can help 'recreate' the experience afterwards (when we all go home exhausted and full of vision!)...presenting the open conference to the wider 'interactive audience'.

So, over to you - what will our map(s) capture? What will they (re)present the tour?

How to use the map

1. To begin, go to the FLNW map and create a Community Walk account, so you can edit to FLNW map (and create your own).
2. To add a location, you add a marker. The easiest way to do this is 'by click', as shown in this tutorial (8.5MB). The layout has been updated slightly, so your 'Add marker' options appear at the top of screen like this:

3. To add photos or videos to your location markers, here's a demo from BlipTV.
4. To link to a location or map use the 'Share / Export' tab and the 'Link to this view' option.
5. For more help, check out these video demos.

Managing the Community Walk

Bee started with some good questions about how we can use it to get the most out of it for the tour. I've reposted her points here plus a couple more:
  • one special colour of pin for type event (conference, ideas by the watercooler, entertainment, conversations, travelling, etc)
  • each one of us can have our own private map
  • which we could link to the mastermap, with our own perspectives, photos, etc
  • use the 'start a path' feature to map the tour in progress (on master map)
  • encourage others to use the 'comments' feature on markers/entries to capture the responses, further questions, ideas, etc