I would like to give everyone some background to the online information literacy eCDF (eLearning Collaborative Development Fund) project several of us at the College, Polytechnic and university in Dunedin are involved in. All outcomes from the project are open source and freely available across the tertiary sector. We are currently running a research evaluation project to gather feedback from users and 'experts' about the modules. See full story about the project at: http://oil.otago.ac.nz

Eleven online information literacy modules are being developed including one on digital information literacy. The project team has been consulting with Leigh to develop this module and the initial outline is on Bronwyn's blog

Also as part of the project we have developed an online editor using Magnolia which enables us to customise the "production" modules so they are reusable in a variety of learning areas. The online editor can also be used to create online content from scratch, and provides a clean and easy to use template. It is much easier to use than things like exe editor and some of the scenario-based software that is floating around.

I am hoping we can explore the impact of digital information literacy on learning as part of the open space meeting. It is something which is sadly lacking at all levels in tertiary education. For some background reading on digital literacy, check out Leigh's article Digital literacy and how it affects teaching and learning - A critique for the Knowledge Tree

Some questions I would like to explore are:
  • How can we support the digitally compromised to become intrigued and confident enough to give it a go and not be afraid to fail?
  • How do we move them from their Microsoft Office comfort zones to the chaotic world of networked learning and a reasonable level of digital information literacy?
  • How do collaborative eLearning projects promote digital literacy and open sharing of resources and skills?

Meeting with the OIL project team
I would also like to invite anyone who is interested to meet the online information literacy project team in the afternoon on 19 September when people break away for visits and to explore interest areas. For more information n the outcomes of a research evaluation on the first information literacy module produced by the project team - Essay Writing with Readings see the report.