Dunedin Press Release

Dunedin is where we begin our face to face part of the conference and the New Zealand tour. For those wishing to join the group See how to book for the three days of events. Our international guests are already catered for.

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Stephen Downes - Sept. 17th @ 21:00 flight NZ0649
Konrad Glogowski - Sept. 18th @ 9:10
Teemu Leinonen - Sept. 17th @ 15:50 flight NZ439
Barbara Dieu - Sept. 17th @ 20:15 Flight NZ459
Sean FitzGerald - Sept. 18th @ 2:10pm Flight SJ 772
Steven Parker - Sept. 18th @ 5:00pm Flight NZ5363
Jo Kay - Sept. 18th @ 2:10pm Flight SJ 772
Rose Grozdanic - evening of Sept. 17th or morning of the 18th
Michael Coghlan - Sept. 17th


Sept 17th: Stephen Downes, Teemu Leinon, Barbara Dieu
T: (64) 3 477 6784
F: (64) 3 474 0115
W: www.millenniumhotels.co.nz

Michael Coghlan
Terry's house

Rose Grozdinac
Leigh's house

Sept 18th: Everyone
Otakou Marae

Sept 19th: Stephen Downes, Konrad Glogowski, Teemu Leinonen, Barbara Dieu, Sean FitzGerald, Steven Parker, Jo Kay
Cargills Hotel
Phone: 03 477 7983
Facsimile: 03 477 8098
E-mail: cargills@es.co.nz
Web: www.cargills.co.nz

Following is a proposed outline for what we could do while in Dunedin

September 18
Some people are arriving on 17 September and will be accommodated in the Dunedin city centre. On the 18th people will be arriving from all around and at different times, and those arriving early will be given a place to crash until the afternoon. Most people will be in town by mid afternoon.

There will be a bus departing at 4 pm from the main entrance of Otago Polytechnic in Forth Street to a Hui at the Otakou Marae on the Otago Peninsula. We will be welcomed on to the Marae with a Powhiri which must be finished before sunset. If the weather is bad, we will be welcomed with a Mihi.

When we as a group are welcomed, we will be expected to respond. A representative for the group will make a short speech, then the group should respond together in song. For those who might want to sing the words listen to the following: http://media.odeo.com/7/0/0/e-tu-kahikatea.mp3
here are the words:

E tu kahikatea
Hei whakapai ururoa
Awhi mai awhi atu
Tatou tatou e

In English:

Stand like the kahikatea (tree)
To brave the storms
Embrace one another
We are one together

English speakers may find this (my) attempt at a phonetic transcription useful as a guide to the pronunciation:

I-tu ka-hika tay a
Hay-ma fakapa (y)udu roa
Afima ofi atu
Dotai ta do(r)ay

Over supper, we will start getting to know each other and continue our discussions through the evening.

What a wonderful start to an open space conference. After breakfast next morning we will thanks our hosts and travel into Dunedin city for the wired session at the Hutton Theatre starting at 10 am.

September 19
On the 19th it will probably be necessary to spend some time formally understanding where we are all coming from. So we propose that the the first three hours of the 19th be used to overview each other's work. We will be based in the Hutton Theatre of the Otago Museum with wireless access available. In the afternoon we might like to take a look at the teaching and learning context in the Otago province, visit schools, unis, training units etc., followed by a cocktail reception at the Student Centre and a cafe crawl for dinner.

The following are proposed topic or activities for Sept 19. Just for consideration. Actual activities will be more likely decided on the day

1330 - 1600 - Suggested topics and field trips

September 20th

1030 - 1130 - synchronous videoconference and web conference.
iUsing New Zealand's Access Grid we will connect up a video conference style meeting with other around NZ. We will attempt to connect this meeting to a web conference for international particpation. This is an open meeting, especially via the web conference we hope to set up...

In the afternoon let's jump on the Taieri Gorge Railway and continue our discussions in a fully booked carriage of our own, site seeing spectacular scenery and chatting about... you know.

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Stephen Downes, Barbara Dieu, Konrad Glogowski, Teemu Leinonen, Michale Coghlan, Leigh Blackall, Sean FitzGerald, Rose Grozdinac, Steven Parker and Jo Kay depart Dunedin on Sept 20th at 18:10 on Flight NZ5098