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If you would like to join us in our mad endeavours over January 2008, please add some info about yourself below.

If you would like to initiate a discussion, presentation, workshops, event, celebration, face to face, online or both please add your idea to the itinerary.

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The mad ones

Alex Hayes - Australia

Alex works with the Australian Flexible Learning Framework, NSW Learnscope Team ( Sydney ) as a Project Officer. Alex has a varied and extensive education background ( Justice, Welfare, [Dis]Abilities) mixed with an array of artistic pursuits incorporating new and emergent technologies. As a m-learning advocate, Alex moblogs his way through life mixing lo-fi conversations, flexible learning co-ordination and associated past-times with research and applied application of social softwares for educational re-purposing. Between times Alex unravels the Australian VTE scene with Stephan Ridgway and composes mixed-leet-poetics for international settings.


Mark van Harmelen is a South African who lives in the UK, dividing his time between London and Manchester. He is an ICT consultant who works largely in the elearning area, and is also an Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester. His major interests include communities, personal learning environments for independent and community learning, social software, Web 2.0 for learning, teaching and assessment, and technologies in general. Mark is currently leading a team to develop a social software based personal learning environment.

Teemu Leinonen - Finland

Teemu Leinonen holds over a decade of experience in the field of research and development of web-based learning. His areas of interest and expertise covers design for learning, computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL), online cooperation, learning software design, educational planning and educational politics. Since 1998 Teemu has led Learning Environments research group of the Media Lab, University of Art and Design Helsinki. The research group has coordinated research and development projects, funded by The European Commission in the Information Society Technologies (IST) framework, the National Technology Agency of Finland (TEKES), the Nordic Council of Ministers and the UNESCO. Selected projects: MobilED audio wiki; LeMill - Do it yourself learning resource repository; Fle3 Lerning environment for collaborative knowledge building and jamming; UNESCO YDC - Young Dgital Creators Educators' KIT.


Trish Everett is the Principal of Parnngurr Community School which is located in the Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia, 300 kilometers out of Newman. Trish is has been using open web publishing and and networked learning with the Mardu speaking community whose Indigenous community development includes the use of blogs and moblogging.

Jo Kay - Australia

Jo works in Educational Technology, providing technical support, professional development and elearning resource development services at the Teaching and Learning Resource Unit, TAFE NSW - Illawarra Institute. Her interests include network learning, online education, web culture, digital arts, identity and performance arts. Jo's current research focus is on Web 2.0, Mobile Learning and Virtual worlds and the possibilities these new technologies offer to us all. Check out Jo's blog or virtual worlds explorations for more info on her work.


John Eyles joins from Waiheke Island, New Zealand. He has been involved in distributed learning and the internet for 10 years. He has a particular fondness for the Greater Mekong Subregion . John is online coordinator of the Art and Design Postgraduate Network and senior lecturer at AUT University. He is involved in the EON FOUNDATION and The Living Classroom.


Michael Coghlan's home base is in Adelaide, Australia. He works for TAFE SA as an elearning facilitator, and has worked closely with several Australian Flexible Framework projects – most recently the Media on the Move online casting project (URL coming soon). Like Barbara Dieu he is a long time member of the Webheads community. Basically fascinated by all things web-related, especially as they apply to education, and has recently become interested in what Internet things are happening out there in the developing world so this journey of exploration is right on time. [More...]


Barbara Dieu is presently on a sabbatical year from the Lycée Pasteur, the Franco-Brazilian secondary school in São Paulo. As she could not make it all the way to Bangkok, she stopped in Australia and is visiting and connecting to many of the educators she met both online and f2f during FLNW 1. She is also moderating the Social Media in ELT EVO session, which will be weaving in some of the discussions generated during FLNW2. She has been involved in international projects online since 1997, networking, presenting, publishing , producing material and collaborating in several national and international communities of interest and practice like the Webheads in Action and TALO. She has lately been involved with blogs, social tools and open participatory webpublishing. Barbara blogs at Wide Open Spaces and Dekita.org

Bron Stuckey
Bron Stuckey

Bronwyn Stuckey is principal consultant in Innovative Educational Ideas consulting to industry and education on matters of online instructional design, online learning, educational technology and games, community and Internet-medieated community of practice development and facilitation. She is a foundation member of CPsquare and coaches in the Foundations of Communities of Practice Workshop with Etienne Wenger and John Smith. For the past three years she has also been a visiting scholar in the Learning, Cognition and Instruction/Learning Sciences at Indiana University with Sasha Barab, researching issues surrounding a 3D multi-user game environment Quest Atlantis. She is interested in issues of community. identity and social learning and how being better global citizens can improve well-being and the quality of human life.


Leigh Blackallexternal image favicon.ico is trying to tread water long enough to make it to this TALO gig. He is currently swamped in educational development work at the Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin New Zealand, and making things worse for himself by attempting to renovate a house and change the world. If not face to face, Leigh will be online with bells on.

external image brent.jpg

Countrymike (aka Brent Simpson) - Lately I spend a lot of time in both the WikiEducator and Wikiversityexternal image favicon.ico communities but I was formerly an interface/interaction designer on the eXe Project an Open Source authoring tool for eLearning when FLNW06 found its way to Waiheke Island where I happen to live. I have been entangling myself in the intersections of learning and technology for over 10 years now and I was an early instigator of Open Content having released the Texas Information Literacy Tutorial (TILT) under Wiley's Open Publication License way back before there was a Creative Commons. I will be mostly be working behind the scenes here, trying to aggregate, repackage and distribute as much of the data flow as humanly possible. Chat with me on Freenode IRC #flnw08 if you like. Blog: Pedagogy of the Compressed , Tumblelog: some things float on water that shouldn't. Please tag your stuff flnw08 for me to find it.


Nancy White Passionately interested in how we use the power of people to people connection in our lives and in the world. Addicted to chocolate. She is older than the picture by about 46 years but still has the same goofy face!

Vance in Hanoi, 2007

Vance Stevens is most certainly going to Bangkok. Having taught EFL/ESL for 20 years with high-profile involvement in CALL, Vance has emerged as a computing lecturer at Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi but at most other times is a Webhead http://webheads.info. Vance likes to try and figure out how to use tools having to do with things like computers and read-write Web and tags and RSS and distributed learning networks to help others figure out how to use tools having to do with things like computers and read-write Web and tags and RSS and distributed learning networks, and thereby learn how to (you got it!) from those folks. I'm hoping to meet such folks if not f2f in Bangkok then out there in the usual places.


Stephan Ridgway works as an eLearning Coordinator for Learning and Innovation @ TAFE NSW, Sydney Institute. He has been involved with eLearning within TAFE NSW for around 6 years, responsible for the development, maintenance and delivery of a wide range of online resources, delivering staff professional development and providing support for teaching & learning online.

He has a passionate interest in networked teaching and learning communities and the online technologies involved. He has been podcasting since 2005 recording conferences, workshops etc. for numerous VET organisations as well as posting a regular topical podcast with Alex Hayes, Robyn Jay and invited guests.


I've been teaching EFL for over 30 years. I am originally from Toronto, Canada but have been living in Israel for the past 35 years. I have a BA in English literature and linguistics and an MA in education, curriculum and instruction. I am currently pursuing a doctorate in educational leadership specializing in curriculum and instruction online at the University of Phoenix. I plan to research instructors' use of technology (audio and video) for instruction at a campus-based university. I am interested in teachers' professional development and ways of helping teachers integrate technology into blended learning environments. I use Moodle, wikis, and ning social blogs for all of my high school EFL classes. In addition, I engage my students in international literature and cultural-based exchange projects. As a visual/kinesthetic learner, I spend hours on YouTube searching for material to add to my lessons. In addition to my regular job as a high school teacher, I facilitate online courses on WebQuests and e-learning and moderate PAIRS marriage enrichment courses. In my spare time I moderate Doctoral StudentsAddicted to Facebook Help Kenya and e-Learning in Developing and Developed Countriesgroups on facebook and blended learning and instructionsand online instruction on ning. I believe social networking is potentially the best channel for people to learn and grow. I have come a long way since my high school visits to Marshall McLuhan’s evening seminar at the U of T in the late 60s. I doubt whether I consciously understood anything he said, but one thing stuck in my mind and that is that we now live in a “global village"

When I am not online or at work, I run long distance for at least an hour or two everyday. If I follow my daughter's online programs, I will be ready for my first marathon in the summer.

Kim Cofino
Bangkok, Thailand

Born in the US, Kim has been teaching abroad for the last 8 years, first in Munich, Germany, then in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and now in Bangkok, Thailand.

Currently, Kim is the 21st Century Literacy Specialist at the International School Bangkok. Her role bridges the gap between technology and the library by helping core subject teachers utilize web 2.0 technologies in the classroom, creating a global and collaborative approach to learning.

Over the past two years Kim has worked with classroom teachers to develop internationally collaborative projects that authentically engage students from all around the world, helping them become effective 21st century learners, collaborators and creators.

Robin Ellis

I am currently the Instructional Technology Specialist in the Quakertown Community School District in Quakertown, PA. I support teachers K-12 in their learning of web 2.0 technologies and understanding how classroom practices shift when the walls of conventional classrooms are removed. I teach an online course with Darren Draper, Instructional Technology Specialist in the Jordan School District in Sandy, Utah. Our couse is called Open Professional Development - Social Software in the Classroom we use web 2.0 technologies to teach others about the free online resources available. Our second round of teaching begins January 23, 2008, check the wiki for information if you are interested in joining us.


Gladys has been an English teacher for almost 30 years, mostly working in bilingual schools in Buenos Aires. For the last 15 coordinated their English Dept. Has also been an UCLES Oral Examiner for YLE, KET, PET, FCE & CAE.
Started a ning space http://teachustech.ning.com , and an ECTO group to share experiences and materials with other teachers. At the moment is interested in learning about web 2.0 tools in order to help teachers include them in their classrooms