Emergent Themes

Community development
digital divides
access and equity - Andrew
distance learning

Virtual worlds 'Second life'- Stanley

I talked to Stanley Frielick about his impression of secondlife in an educational context, following a presentation from JoKay and Sean Fitzgerald.


Corporate communications - Sophie

new roles for teaching and learning - Andrew
teacher culture change - Kerene
cultural and ethical considerations in online communications -Andrew
Intellectual property, copyright, digital rights, privacy, online identity - Stephen
Organisational change
Learner centred, learner generated
Morphic resonance - rupert sheldrake

Chris Gates – touchstone. What is schooling, form, purpose

Sarah Sharp – Hort

Liz – Hort. Remote access, distance, divides, technophobes

Andrew Higgens – Dir eLearning Auckland Uni. Remote, access,divides, blended learning, distance, tertiary eLearning research forum.

Dian – writing course online, programme changes, learnersupport, access, divides, resource development.

Bev MacKay – flexi learning, end mobile learning support in txt.

Kerine – nursing, bach in blended, distance in the farNorth, disadvantaged groups.

Colan – access, equity, learner support.

Kevin Walk – research office, PBL, simulations

Chris – student of Business, with Stanley, does learner support,

Huria Eddie – tourism and business, cultural sensitivetechnology, ethics, humanity, learning being central

Jannine MacVay – writing course, distance, communities,access, equity, needs analysis, privacy, admin, flexible access,

Lesley Marshal – applied writing, freelance editor,mentoring, rural, learning support, women, family, flexible learning, systemchange to meet the needs of “mums”, access and equity, digital story telling,

Catharine – training hospital staff, learner centricity

Teresa – District Health, system change, new technology,

Jane – Library, KM, life long learning, virtual worlds,system changes to learning admin and libraries, distance learner support,

Stewart – eLearning manager, Moodle, business, corporatecommunications

Garath – muiltmedia designer,

Dan Clarke – sport and recreation for more learners

Chris Carey – Art, technology, design, art, staffdevelopment, retaining art and creativity online, hands on with online.

Stave Shepherd – business analysis, staff development, flash,screenrecording, blogs, personal finance in Ukraineand Philippines,

Mandy Mentis – Ed Psych, change teacher culture, youth atrisk,

Alex – professional lacky, arts technician, distancelearning, community access centre, video on demand

Sophie, staff support, new media, travel blogger

Toni Horrel – facilitation between teacher and students,mentorship, learner support, smart boards, professional development, teacherchange, CoP, copyright,

Nancy– Moodle nursing,

Jan Anderson – novice in eLearning

Steve Gilligan – business, education and businessdevelopment, change management, corporate communication, new economies

Ross Scobey – future learning, social software, quality

Terry Barnett – high school b4 tertiary, games and simulationresearch in the 80s, advisor to the Ministry, policy avisor.

Taipani Munro – Maori studies, Maori advisor, videoconference, distance, community communications, Maori – Pakeha relations,community access centers,

Stanley Frielick – flexible learning,