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stephenD.jpgStephen Downes - Canada

Stephen is perhaps best known for his daily research newsletter, OLDaily (short for Online Learning Daily), which reaches thousands of readers across Canada and around the world. His work also includes the development of educational content syndication IT professional services systems such as Edu_RSS and DLORN along and the design of a digital rights management system for learning resources. Stephen is also frequently to be found the road giving seminars and lectures on the field of online learning, including the notable Buntine Oration delivered in Perth, Australia, in October, 2004.

kglogowski.jpg Konrad Glogowski - Canada

PhD candidate at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. His thesis focuses on the use of blogging communities in education. His blog, Blog of Proximal Development, vocalizes his thoughts on this subject and comments on the impact that blogging and blogging communities are having in education.

teemu.jpg Teemu Leinonen - Finland

Teemu Leinonen holds over a decade of experience in the field of research and development of IT consultant company web-based learning. His areas of interest and expertise covers design for learning, computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL), online cooperation, learning software design, educational planning and educational politics. Since 1998 Teemu has led Learning Environments research group of the Media Lab, University of Art and Design Helsinki. The research group has coordinated research and development projects, funded by The European Commission in the Information Society Technologies (IST) framework, the National Technology Agency of Finland (TEKES), the Nordic Council of Ministers and the UNESCO. Selected projects: MobilED audio wiki; LeMill - Do it yourself learning resource repository; Fle3 Lerning environment for collaborative knowledge building and jamming; UNESCO YDC - Young Dgital Creators Educators' KIT.

scheifetuncr.jpg Stewart Cheifet - USA

Stewart Cheifet is the Director of Collections for the Internet Archive, based in San Francisco. In this capacity he is responsible for all movies, videos, television programs, music, lectures, radio programs, educational courseware, and software collections. The Internet Archive is working to prevent the Internet — a new medium with major historical significance — and other "born-digital" materials from disappearing into the past. Collaborating with institutions including the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian, we are working to preserve a record for generations to come.

barbaraD.jpg Barbara Dieu - Brazil

Bee is an EFL teacher and coordinator of the Foreign Language Dept at the Franco-Brazilian school in Sao Paulo. She has organized and managed a number of international projects online involving different schools and institutions worldwide. She is also Coordinator of the Braz-Tesol EduTech SIG, member of Tesol TAC (Technology Advisory Committee) and belongs to many national and international communities of practice like Webheads in Action, Cyberlangues, Vivência Pedagógica and CiO's em Educação. Her most recent collaboration is, a community of people dedicated to promoting open communication in language learning.

mc_oct03_med.jpg Michael Coghlan - Australia

Michael Coghlan works as an online facilitator for TAFE in South Australia, and the eLearning Networks of the Australian Flexible Learning Framework. His background is in English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching, and he began teaching online in 1997. A founding member of the Webheads community, Michael has presented at many national and international conferences, and is a skilled MVP (Multiple Venue Presentation) facilitator – presenting to face to face and online audiences simultaneously . His particular interests are webcasting, the use of web-based voice technologies, social software/networked learning, and the impact of the Internet on education and society.

stevenParker.jpg Steven Parker - Australia

Steven Parker works for the Teaching and Learning Resource Unit at the Wollongong Campus of TAFE NSW, Australia. He is an Irish/Australian passionate about network learning, web2.0 and working with and fostering the creativity of students to create and share their own resources, achieve their learning outcomes and form their own personal learning networks. He is currently helping to build online communities and networks of teachers and learners from various trades and occupations. Steven has so far built a Tourism and Hospitality Education Network which supports teachers and trainers in that field to learn and employ Web2.0 technologies in their practice.

leighblackall.jpg Leigh Blackall - New Zealand

Leigh Blackall works for the Otago Polytechnic in Educational Development. He has helped organise this conference and will be tagging, blogging and podcasting along to make sure everyone stays rowdy and stirs up trouble. Leigh is known in the group for his blog Teach and Learn Online and his work developing various resources to help people understand and use more of the socially networked Internet. An advocate for networked learning, holistic learning, life based learning and deschooling, leigh looks to ways of incorporating more of life's everyday experiences into educational practices - or is it the other way round?

roseG.jpg Rose G - Australia

Rose has broad experience in the areas of professional development and flexible learning including stints as training manager at OTEN, project officer with Learnscope and project manager of the Australian Flexible Learning Community. She is currently consulting as a learning and development specialist to the University of Ballarat and has been an enthusiastic member of TALO eGroup since its inception.

jokay.jpgJo Kay - Australia

Jo works in Educational Technology, providing technical support, professional development and elearning resource development services at the Teaching and Learning Resource Unit, TAFE NSW - Illawarra Institute. Her interests include network learning, online education, web culture, digital arts, identity and performance arts. Jo's current research focus is on Web 2.0, Mobile Learning and Virtual worlds and the possibilities these new technologies offer to us all. Check out Jo's blog or virtual worlds explorations for more info on her work.

seanfitzgerald95x95.jpg Sean FitzGerald - Australia

Sean is an independent researcher, consultant and presenter with a passion for emerging technologies and their impact upon society. In recent years his professional focus has been on Web 2.0 technologies and social software and their impact on teaching and learning. He has been involved with many LearnScope and E-learning Networks projects for the Australian Flexible Learning Network supporting educators experimenting with emerging tools and learning models. His current interest is in exploring the potential and impact of 3D virtual worlds, and has been lately spending way to much time and having way too much fun in Second Life! Sean is also co-presenter of the Casting the Net Podcast

2006_portrait.jpg Alex Hayes - Australia

Alex works with the Australian Flexible Learning Framework, NSW Learnscope Team ( Sydney ) as a Project Officer. Alex has a varied and extensive education background ( Justice, Welfare, [Dis]Abilities) mixed with an array of artistic pursuits incorporating new and emergent technologies. As a m-learning advocate, Alex moblogs his way through life mixing lo-fi conversations, flexible learning co-ordination and associated past-times with research and applied application of social softwares for educational re-purposing. Between times Alex unravels the Australian VTE scene with Stephan Ridgway and composes mixed-leet-poetics for international settings.

johne.jpg John Eyles - New Zealand

John is the co-founder of the EON Foundation, English-To-Go and the Living Classroom Network.
He is a senior lecturer at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand where he co-coordinates the online delivery of the Master in Art and Design programme. He also runs an eLearning Consultancy Company. Last year he was given the title of Flexible Learning Leader in New Zealand (FLLinNZ). He is passionate about learning and the effective melding of pedagogy and information communication technology. He has been a teacher for almost 20 years. He lives on a small island off the coast of New Zealand called Waiheke with his wife and four children

(John organised the Waiheke Island stop-over on 24th September and part of Auckland meet on 25th)

Dr Howard Scott - I support this initiative and have enjoyed viewing it from Southern China where I am currently photographing aspects of sustainable development. email:

BronwynHegarty.jpg Bronwyn Hegarty - New Zealand

Bronwyn has been assisting Leigh to organise the event, in particular the Dunedin leg and funding. Her claim to fame is that she taught herself to use a computer on an Apple Classic way back in 1987, was in the first wave of eLearners at OP, and one of the recipients of a Flexible Learning Leader in New Zealand (FLLinNZ) award. Bronwyn now works with Leigh Blackall and Terry Marler as a developer in the Otago Polytechnic Educational Development Centre. Two projects have kept her busy recently: online information literacy modules, and self-efficacy and staff development in eLearning. Bronwyn is currently exploring the use of reflective strategies in teacher education as part of a Doctorate.

Dawn.jpg Dawn Coburn - New Zealand

Dawn is a teacher who returned to live in Dunedin seven years ago. In her spare time you will often find her swinging a racquet on a badminton or tennis court. Dawn has various ICT roles at Dunedin College of Education as well as teaching curriculum Technology. She has taught and learned online for many years. Resource creation is a long standing interest. At present Dawn is involved with Bronwyn and others in the development of online learning modules for Information Literacy. Her current doctoral study “Gone Tomorrow?” addresses questions of transmission of culture and identity in relation to artefacts, such as photographs; with especial attention being given to the consequences of technological obsolescence, one child (or no child) families and digitisation.

Derek Wenmoth (keen to assist with the CHCH stop-over - lots to confirm yet)

smlwondermarg.JPG Marg O'Connell (will see you in Wellington from 25th Sept)

Marg works as an educational designer at the Canberra Insitute of Technology (CIT), ACT. She is a member of the Flexible Learning Solutions team (FLS) who support teachers in their development of electronic learning and teaching. Marg hails from West Australia and has worked in tertiary and community education sectors, as well as TAFE. She was a Flexible Learning Leader in 2002. Marg keeps numerous blogs and uses wikis as part of her work with teachers and staff development, and facilitates the CIT Online Teacher Network (OTN). Marg is currently studying a Master of Education, looking into the field of Vocational and Technical Education (VTE) research, its impact on the sector and on VTE teachers, and asking can social software enable a 'democratisation' of VTE research in an everchanging networked world?

Markn.jpg Mark Northover - AUT University

Mark has been involved in the support of flexible and e-learning for about ten years, and is currently manager of FL services at AUT. He has been a frequent contributor at ASCILITE conferences, and was a FLLinNZ member of the second cohort. He is currently most interested in providing FL systems and opportunities that support teaching staff (with varying degrees of IT literacy) and encourage student collaboration. Mark is helping to organise the Auckland event, which will be held at the AUT city campus on Monday September 25.

SF_Sep06.jpg Stanley Frielick - New Zealand

Stanley is Director of Flexible Learning at NorthTec (and is also manager of the Flexible Learning Leaders in NZ (FLLinNZ) project for 2006-07). He's been at NorthTec for two years - helping to build (from scratch) an infrastructure and development process for flexible and distributed learning across the Northland region. Previously he was at the Centre for Professional Development at the University of Auckland where he completed a PhD and coordinated the Teaching Learning Research programme. He is originally from South Africa where he had an eclectic career - lecturer in academic development, lecturer in African and Comparative Literature, and English teacher in secondary schools. Stanley has wide-ranging research interests in (d)e-learning, ecological approaches to teaching/learning, complexity science, and higher education theory. He is organising the Northland leg of the tour and the FLLinNZ meeting with the FLNW group at eFest.

Rus3.jpg Russell Butson - New Zealand

Russell is a lecturer in higher education at the University of Otago. His background includes teaching and learning across mixed ages in private and public schools, community based training and higher education. He is particularly interested in more engaging, collaborative learning experiences that are consistent with the idealism, imagination and expectations of learners within higher education. This requires scrutiny of the nature of the mechanisms that have formed our educational system, and examination of whether or not there is another angle to the story or another way to address education.

Artichoke5.jpg Artichoke - New Zealand

Artichoke is an edublogger, and Pam is a teacher. Arti’ works on laughter and irreverent conversation with imaginary friends, and suffers from a stuck bold key. Pam works as a teaching and learning consultant with schools and teachers across New Zealand on curriculum alignment, ict and thinking. Arti’ and Pam were only persuaded to join the tour in Dunedin when RoseG described it as “running away to join the circus”.

AnneE.jpg Anne Elliot - New Zealand

Breaking with apparent tradition, I will use my own voice. I am a doctoral candidate at Massey and this semester also teaching a Internet-based paper about Internet-based learning at the Faculty of Education at Otago, doing both from my home in Middlemarch - approximately where Wednesday's train trip ends. I am a primary teacher, have worked in teacher education and in educational research on ICT. My doctoral thesis investigates the experiences with ICT by New Zealand beginning teachers, a topic about which there is a dearth of information. Although easily swayed by "cool" technologies, I attempt to maintain a critical perspective on ICT in education - a dissident voice in the celebratory discourse.

head.jpg Glen Davies New Zealand
Hoping to catch up with the circus on Thursday when they hit Chirstchurch, I will follow Anne - always feel uncomfortable talking about myself in the third person. I have been involved in online learning application development at the Christchurch College of Education for the past 6 or 7 years - mainly on Interact, but various other projects as well ... My pet hate is making students upload pointless asssignments to locked LMS class sites that get zipped up and archived when the course has finished and a grade has been assigned - if that isn't a stupid and pointless use of the web I don't know what is ;-)

external image brent.jpg Brent Simpson, Waiheke/Auckland
I am currently an interface/interaction designer on the eXe Project an Open Source authoring tool for eLearning. I live on Waiheke Island so will catch up with this contemporary 'dog and pony show' over there. I have been entwining myself in the intersections of learning and technology for over 10 years now. I was an early instigator of Open Content having released the Texas Information Literacy Tutorial (TILT) under Wiley's Open Publication License (before there was a CC). TILT has been modified and installed in 100 institutions worldwide and translated into 4 languages.

Nina Liakos, Gaithersburg, Maryland
I'm an ESL lecturer at the University of Maryland and a webhead since 2004. I still consider myself a newbie in Web 2.0 but I enjoy exploring the tools and incorporating them into my teaching when I can.