Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is 35 minutes from Auckland by ferry and worlds apart.
A day of good food, beach walks, conversation and international network events sponsored by EON Foundation.

NOTE: All are welcome to be part of the Waiheke meet but travel, accommodation and other costs must be met personally if you are not part of the 'gang of ten' . If you want help with accommodation let me know. John

All on a bus from Northland arriving at 17:30 Saturday evening the 23rd of Sept. ready for the 6pm ferry across to Waiheke Island

Sept 23rd and 24th - Hekerua Lodge
11 Hekerua Road
Waiheke Island
New Zealand
Phone: (64) 9 372 8990

Proposed events

Saturday 23rd:

Arrive on Waiheke Island on the 6pm ferry? Core band of wandering players (10) stay at Hekerua Lodge. Fish and Chips and some red wine around a log fire for the 10 plus all others who wish to join (let me know). Good conversation. Rest and relaxation.

Sunday 24th:
  • Breakfast
  • Walk to palm Beach for Coffee and Doughnuts (Conversations along the beaches recorded). Weather permitting.
  • BBQ lunch at John's house. Access to wireless broadband.
  • Afternoon networking events including tie in with participants from Japan, Thailand, US and UK.
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Back to Lodge

Suggested discussion topics/activities for the 24th:

1. How digital media in a networked and mobile world can build on and promote the OECD Core competencies.
In February 2006 EON with support from FLLinNZ and AUT organised a Practical Imagination Symposium exploring learning and education in the digital age along with plans for constructive action. The symposium was focused on how digital media may be able to assist in promoting the Core Competencies set down by the Ministers of Education from the OECD nations. In particular we looked at the 5 core competencies that are being promoted into the NZ curriculum.It would be great if the group could build and develop on these discussions. More about the symposium here along with outcomes >>

2. Developing the idea of a massively multiplayer media rich gaming environment that helps people learn English for international communication, provides rewards and at the same time helps solve real world problems. In particular, EON is looking to be involved in the proof of concept creation of a collaborative venture in the 6 countries along the Mekong River (China, Lao, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam) 'The Mekong Tourism Game'.

3. Joining with participants from Japan, US, Thailand, UK and elsewhere taking part in an online EON Symposium on the 24th around the theme of "Teaching English for International Communication in a Mobile & Networked World".

external image eonsymp4sm.jpg

4. Mobile Multiliteracies
The use of smartmobbing, flashmobs and other P2P mobile social action for educational purpose.

Monday 25th
  • Morning ferry to Auckland to meet Auckland group.
  • Staying in Auckland over night