Stephen Downes, Konrad Glogowski, Barbara Dieu, Leigh Blackall, Sean FitzGerald, Jo Kay, Rose Grozdanic all arriving in Wellington at 11:30 on the 26th of September on Flight NZ421

Marg - in Wellington 24th to 30th September.


Museum Hotel, Wellington

90 Cable Street, Wellington
Phone: 64 4 802 8900 | Fax: 64 4 802 8909
Web: http://www.museumhotel.co.nz/

Proposed events

eFest 2006
27th - 29th September
Wellington Town Hall

We have a conversation slot at eFest, Thursday lunchtime.

Fringe eFest

We are planning a few activities as a sort of 'Fringe Festival'. We have been offered the ITPNZ Board room on The Terrace which is free from 11 - 5 pm Wednesday and all day Friday.

FLLinNZ meeting at 17:30 - 19:30 on Thursday Sept. 28th - Venue: Square Affair 1 (at eFest).
The purpose of this session is to explore strategies for international collaboration beyond the FLNW conference tour. As a FLLinNZ-sponsored event the focus is on leadership in flexible /networked learning - however other topics and emphases may well emerge. Representatives from the Ministry of Education, other eCDF projects, and other NZ organisations (CORE, ...) involved in e-learning have been invited. For more details or to register your interest please contact Stanley Frielick mailto:sfrielick@northtec.ac.nz

Proposed Discussion Topics

1. Education research and the social web: what challenges do we face for education research in the networked world?

Marg : Background: I'm currently enrolled in a Master of Education and I'm interested in the way research is conducted in the vocational education and training sectors, and more broadly education research. I'm curious about the ways in which research is conducted and how it will be influenced/impacted by the increasing use of social software tools like weblogs and wikis.

Following the work by Ulises Mejias, Chris Sessums and others (e.g. Learnscope projects like Learnscope NSW, which Alex knows all about!) shows there is great scope to re-engage educators in grassroots research, re-empowering teachers to read and write about their field of teaching, where they themselves are contributors, rather than "being researched on" by others.
  • Do democratic tools like weblogs and wikis present an opportunity to 'democratise' research in education and training?
  • The Knowledge Tree: An eJournal of Learning Innovations is a good example of engaging teachers to read and write about what they are doing, using a weblogging platform with podcasts, etc... is this the future for journals and research works?

2. Mobile L(Y)earning - The always-on learning experience, dispelling the myth that mobile teachnologies are disruptive and using networked mobile digital architectures to effect change in static system of base elements and inflexible rules. Is it possible to have networked learning occur in an always-on classroom ? How does this threaten institutions and organisation policy ? Ways to make it work - manifesto - brainstorm.

Wrap up events

I sense that things will be winding down as the tour hits Wellington. It might provide a good opportunity to wrap up various elements of the tour and begin to present ways to distribute the experience to others beyond the experience itself.

Beer. Some yummy NZ Sav!

Closing Activities

Any suggestions on some closing activities? E.G. Topics...Where to from here? Continuing the networks? etc?

World of Wearable Art - Wellington, Thursday 21, (Sold out for Friday 22, Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 September).


**Alex - I'll be kicking out of Wellington NZ418 10am 30th September flying to Auckland, then returning to Sydney from Auckland at the ungodly hour of 18:10 on Saturday 30th September.

Jo Kay - Leaving Wellington on 29 Sept at 6:00am (EEK - what am I thinking! ;-P)

Leigh - NZ438 3pm Wellington to Dunedin